Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Eggs Benedict - It's a Big Mac who's read Proust

It has been a little while since I have updated this blog, and to be honest I have been finding it hard to think of something meaningful/insightful/creative or even interesting to add. It has become a bit of a ravenous beast, requiring constant feeding. And whilst I could fill the paragraphs with the woe of my existance, frankly, who wants to read it - not me!

However, I picked up up a book from my shelf, called Le Caprice, which is a recipe book/journal of a restaurant of the same name in London. It is food porn at its best, lots of very sexy photos and great dialogue about food, eating and contemporary culture.

And as it was my birthday yesterday, I am going to forgo, the obligatory analysis and images of presents to give you a gift. Eggs Benedict.

... quoted from Le Caprice

"Eggs Benedict is a people person, it's dressed down, it's loafers and a polo shirt, it's unisex cologne, it's Sunday papers and films with subtitles and baby papooses. It's sybaritic without being self-indulgent. It's that smooth, smart, committed liberal, sexy, witty, off-white, lifestyle thing, that PR magazines and glossy magazines have been teasing us with for a generation. It's modern - your Grandfather never ate Eggs Benedict. It's you and it's me and it's the whole schtick of post-war, post-modern, politically savvy, free-market, free-thinking, free-from-want, free-as-a-bird, happy-ever-after, Western capitalist dream, and which of us in the goddam world doesn't want that? Eggs Benedict is an on-the-plate, runny, goopy, sentimental, mouth-coating revelation. Reading 'Eggs Benedict' on a menu is politically and socially potent and pregnant with meaning - the clenched fist, or perhaps the 'High Five' manifesto of nice people." AA Gill

Click here for the recipe

ps. hopefully my little blog's stomach has stopped rumbling for a while, and next time, perhaps a main course.


Jon Y said...

lol I loved the title

the blogless loser said...

You're doing well to post anything at all, and despite your reservations, I'm finding it all very interesting!

Thanks for the distraction and keep it comin'.

the eternal procrastinator said...

hmmm mmmm, you're makin me hungry!

completely uninformed said...

Forgive my ignorance, but who's Proust?

weirdbunny said...

Oh I just love aa gill he's a superb critic, and such a witty journalist. as for eggs benedict, not really my cup of tea. Scrambled eggs yes, I wonder what that says about me?

a secret admirer said...

that picture of the eggs benedict is making me fat - everytime I so much as LOOK at it I have to go and pig out.

harriet said...

if you have lost inspiration check out this site

its hilarious and doing the rounds of london

miss you heaps say hi to the boys

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