Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mountain View

Thanks for the nice comments about the BT Bunny, and thanks to Anonymous Alex who confirmed she does actually like her and her gorgeous daughter is okay with the new addition.

These photos are a week or so old, but I thought I would post them anyway. They were taken on top of 'the mountain' when our house guests were here. It is a really magnificent mountain and truly has some kind of relationship with everyone who lives in this part of Tasmania.

Everyone sees it from their own angle and it is always interesting when you go to another part of town and see it from a different perspective. We don't really talk about this strange familial tie, but I have a feeling it impacts on us every day in a way that is beyond words.

I am being philosophical when the kids are just having fun, but some of you will know what I am talking about (maybe).

& some shots from our house... different moods, same angle..


Jill said...

Yes indeed I do know what you are talking about. It is just always there - we look at it every day - the reference point for every Hobart day. (CUTE kids!!)

Kali said...

What a beautiful view you have of 'the mountain'. I so get what you are saying...It is something so integral to living in this wonderful city...it is a silent part of our life daily and is such a beautiful, big reference point...It's pull is amazing.

I am lost for words to truly describe how it makes me feel...and I can so relate to this post.

The kidlets are cuties!!

Kali said...
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous Alex here...

*haha* I told you you've got humour!
I am not only "Anonymous Alex", no I am "lock(gg)ed out since last week almost desperately crying wanting to make an entry on my weblog anonymous Alex".

And I very much envy you of that view. Really. I tried to imagine how it must feel (not for the first time actually).
And I looked out of my window and was just shaking my head, speachlessly.
There are only a few thing in Japan which can depress me - one can be seen from my window in our living room.

Enjoy your mountain!

weirdbunny said...

wow what a view, and such cute kids!

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