Monday, December 11, 2006

Holiday updates

A BIG thank you to Liz and her blog Scrapilious Life who is keeping me updated with photos of the boys and their goings on in LA. Her wonderful daughters have taken their little cousins under their wings and playing games with them and having fun.

(Aunties Harriet and Em, check out Liz's blog for some happy snaps of the boys)

Aaargh I still haven't got any Christmas presents yet - still 2 weeks to go, right?


Auntie Emmi said...

Surely get away without buying any prezzies seeing as all the boys are in LA!?!?

Ma Walton said...

You may risk early delivery of Elfreda if you go buying pressies! (One of the few years you can use that one!)

Anonymous said...

Use that excuse! Mr eBay has had a big bash from me this year and my ankles and varicose veins say "thank you".

Enjoy the quiet (although I'm sure you are mssing the boys!

littlesnoring said...

Hey emmi and ma walton, it is a bit hard to see but if you click on the photo (its bigger in Liz's blog) you can see a photo from Halloween in Hobart... Lyddie is in the middle!

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