Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Message from the House of Snore

I hope all who read this message have a wonderful Christmas Holiday and bountiful New Year.

Thank you for all your comments left on this blog over the months, I am still working out how to reply to comments posted so apologies if you feel left unanswered, if only I could get broadband to my brain. Maybe next year?

The House of Snore has been very quiet of late and I have been feeling fairly sorry for myself. The noise of children playing is missing and a sore back has reduced my ability to mask the silence with industry and busyiness. Still, I have just put Elephunk by the Black Eyed Peas on the stereo and that has somehow helped. Go Figure.

The rain predicted for Christmas has just arrived. The last couple of months in this part of the world have included hot, hot days, wild uncontrollable bushfires followed by with snow and now it looks like it will rain for days and we will have floods akin to Noah.

But, wherever you are, I hope you drive safely and have an enjoyable time with family or friends.

Best Wishes


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