Monday, December 18, 2006

Top Secret

With the cat away and the kidlets as well, I have been taking advantage of the lack of helpers to do a little re-decorating. The chance of Big R looking at this blog while he is away is remote, but I want it to be a surprise so there will be no photo posting of most of the work.

Except this is the new curtain in the bathroom. I found the material last week and I am loving the new diffused blue light that emanates from this little piece of cloth.

Click here to check out some photos of Sacha's Winnie the Pooh birthday party.


harriet said...

burlesque was a fantastic afternoon after ward we walked across trafalger square to see the christmas tree and hear the carol singers it was hugely festive

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to wish you a merry christmas!!

I've started posting once agin on my blog, who can resist with it being christmas!!!!

Your son holding that snail is so funny!!!! love Julia x

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