Wednesday, January 17, 2007

It seems I suffer from probably a common blog-malaise - I prefer to read everyone elses blog entries than write one of my own. May be I am just lazy (probably this is the most likely reason) or am more interested in the lives of others, mundane or not, than my own. It could of course be more to do with being interrupted by two little helpers that are finely tuned to detect when their mother is seated and stationary for longer than 2.3 seconds.

Anyways, whatever the reason, I am really going to try to post more often, apologies in advance if the posts are less than inspiring. What I did want to share was this huge pile of fabric, buttons and ribbons that R brought back from the States por moi!

I have to send major thanks for Inghy who I think was instrumental in the collection. It is a wonderful stash and I have already made a new bag for me with the cutest Brolly cotton and some drawstring bags for the kids small toy collections. Mucho Gracias !!

ps. still no baby, but, by hook or by crook, it will be no later than Feb 2 the doctors assure me

1 comment:

Kali said...

Still checking in to see if there is any news.
I am jealous of that great stash you got ~ omg, lucky you!
What a neat bag you've whipped up :)

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