Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's a girl... and right on time!

We have been waiting for the stork to deliver this little bundle for a long while. It has always seemed appropriate that our little patch on the planet be home for black sheep, and well, here she is ... our new pet sheep, her name is Bear.

We have a friend who has a sheep farm and who offered us a black lamb after Ruben made some comment at a dinner party that he quite fancied a black sheep. He kindly rang a few months later saying he had the sheep in his ute and could he bring it over. Unfortunately when he wanted to deliver the last sheep, we were out, so he decided to keep the sheep in his back yard in town until the morning. The only problem was that little black sheep escaped, never to be seen again. There was some talk it was sighted heading for the hills in Sandy Bay... hopefully it found a home somewhere?

And so today (our other official due date) he rang out of the blue with another sheep ready, and around he came sheep in arms.

Anyways, our other pet sheep, Rosie, has been an only-sheep for so long she has not been too sure of what to make of little Bear. Bear's natural reaction (having just come from a herd) has been to run towards Rosie. Rosie's reaction was to run away, with little Bear running right along behind her. It has been quite funny seeing the little lamb chasing Rosie around the paddock. Hopefully, Rosie will realise they are actually related in the wider scheme of things and make friends.


Anonymous said...

OK you got me...liz too!
In the 5 sec it took me to scroll thoughts...
How rude...they didn't call! she's sharing w/ her secret world...first! OH it the baby cute.... ;)
Good one Eddie...Inghy

Kali said...

LOL!! got me all excited for a mo.
Still, I think your little black sheep is rather cute :)

Carson said...

How gorgeous is Bear?
The virtual sheep-stork visited me just before xmas ..I am now the proud adopted mother of a merino lamb called Bob.
Well, it's the closest I'll get.

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