Thursday, May 27, 2010

WARNING: Proud Mother Post!

Ok, so apologies already if don't want to read this, but, how cute is that boy of mine! Yeah, just casually chatting to the press like he does it everyday!
Chewing the fat about
1. his artistic process - "I drew people shaking hands under a rainbow, and, it was hard to draw, and, with crayons", and
2. the trials and tribulations of Grade 1 life - "yeah, three of my friends moved to Waimea, well, first it was Ross and then Keon and then Ella Ward, but my brother Luka goes there so I kinda now what it is going to be like"

Anyhoo, you get the picture... and well this is the picture. His prize winning entry (1 of 12 winner from over 650 entries) in the Australian Education Union, T-shirt design contest to celebrate public education.

The design was to centre around a word that described how they felt about their school. Not 100% sure why they selected his picture, but very proud that they did. Sandwiches and OJ at Parliament House was also a highlight for the little one, and watching himself on telly later that night!

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Little Eve said...

How fantastic! You have a right to be proud and for a very long time. What a time for him to remember. It's heart-warming as a mother to see your child being so confident too. Congtrats!

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