Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What's for Dinner? - Family Food Inspiration

Kitchen inspiration is a struggle for me most of the time. I enjoy eating and I enjoy cooking, its just that I often am so busy doing other things I enjoy that the question of What's for Dinner? is often asked too late. This list of dinner inspiration comes from all the lovely readers who left comments on my Mother's Day Giveaway post. Here is a list of their family favourite dinners...

Favourites - these came up a few time...
Chicken Wraps
Spaghetti Bolognaisey!
Vegetable/Minestrone Soup
Roast Lamb
Homemade Pizza - Easy Crust Recipe
Taco or Burritos

More Delicious inspiration:

Baked Ziti. Really just spaghetti with moz cheese on top and baked
'Breakfast for dinner'(featuring pancakes, waffles, bacon & eggs, fruit platters, etc) and 'Favourite Childhood Foods' (featuring bowls of mashed potato, crumbed cutlets, macaroni and cheese, ice cream sundaes for dessert, creaming soda for drinks, etc).
Egg and Bacon pie
Veggie Lasagna
Mock Chow Mein (straight from the Nursing Mothers Association Cookbook)
Pasties with peas and rice (with soy sauce)
Stir frys and pasta
Chicken and Bean Enchiladas
Baked eggs and a couple of slices of sourdough toast
(add mushrooms, onion, bacon, sausage or whatever takes your fancy)
'Praties'... baked potatoes with lots of butter and cheese topped with mushrooms, bacon and onions and a splat of sour cream
Spicy Spaghetti with Fennel
Apricot Chicken Casserole
Sweet and Sour Noodles with Meatballs.
I make it with turkey and pineapple juice. Sounds weird, but it's sooooo good.
Taco's Chipotle style... sounds silly but we make rice and beans ground turkey, and all the veggie fixin's lettuce, tomatoes, and onions black olives, salsa and sometimes Guacamole...
Porcupines (little meatballs with rice) covered in tomato soup sauce with mashed potato and veges.
Cottage Pie
- which is roll your own sushi... they love the combination of seaweed, rice and a choice of toppings!
Pea and Ham Soup
'Toad in the hole' which is sausages baked in Yorkshire pudding. Served with mashed potatoes, vegetables and gravy!
Tuna Mournay
Humble Roast Chicken - Saint Jamie does it best
Curry Chicken with lentils and brown rice
Zucchini soup
Rice and Veggie rolls. Cooked rice, chopped veg, eggs, cheese and any spices you like wrap in puff pastry and cook
Fried egg on steamed jasmine rice with soy sauce and cucumber and carrot sticks on the side. Always a favourite!
Creamy Chicken Casserole
Tuna Casserole
Roast Veggie Risotto, I just put a big pan of diced veggies in the oven and let them cook away (cherry tomatoes, sweet potato, asparagus) while that is cooking, I get the risotto rice on with onion, garlic and celery. A bit of Parmesan and voila- great with a bit of crust bread

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Michelle said...

A great list! I'll book mark this post and keep for those times when needing inspiration. Thanks Edwina!

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